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How do I join?

***Currently NOT Accepting Applications***

Applications will open on April 1st, 2024. To apply applicants will need to have 3 recommendations by teachers, community members, and or employees, essay, and a completed application.  We will contact applicants of their status no later then May 3rd  

*Late or missing applications will not be accepted*

Applications Due: April 26th 


Please understand that we only take applications once a year.  It is not feasible to take student athletic trainers throughout the year.  Please download the application below:  

Freshmen Application

In order to grow with our growing community we have to change to meet our new challenges. Starting this year, we will be transitioning our 9th graders from in class participants to after school shadowing. As we grow there isn’t room in the athletic training room to handle both our athlete population and our student trainer class’s needs.

Applications due: May 20th

*More information can be found on the application PDF below*

Parents & Students

We are happy that you are interested in the Sports Medicine Program.  Please look through and see what our program is like.  We like to make sure that the student athletic trainers still are students and can enjoy other things in high school.  In the fall we have an on week/off week system.  After that they will be assigned one sport for either Winter or Spring sports.  We ask that you are here and not making appointments and/or working during your on week.  





Student Athletic Trainer's Handbook

We hold our student athletic trainers to a high standard. Our handbook is in place to give specific guidelines and rules to help guide our students to reach those expectations

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