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Rank One / Physicals


At CISD we use Rank One Sport to manage your athlete's medical information. This is a secure site that is HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Here you will complete your student's pre-participation forms. Please fill out all forms truthfully and completely. If you need assistance please feel free to reach out to one of the Staff Athletic TrainersPhysicals will not be accepted prior to April 4, 2024. You will be able to complete the online forms starting April 1, as well.  

If you plan to attend the physicals at Grand Oaks or York JH, please fill out the Houston Methodist Release Form and bring it with you.  


All athletes must have a current physical on file in order to receive treatment from Athletic Trainers

Annual Physical Day_edited.jpg

Our Annual

GOHS Physical Day

April 4th we will be hosting our Annual GOHS Physical Day at Grand Oaks High School. Physicals will take place in the gymnasium from 9 am - 1 pm, with each sport having a respected time slot to report to the gym. Coaches will be providing more information during your athletic block. 


1st Annual

York JH

In an effort to make our physical day more functional and organized, we have decided to separate the high school athletes from the junior high athletes. April 9th from 12pm-4pm we will be hosting a physical day at York JH. This day will be only for York JH, Clark intermediate, and Cox intermediate athletes. We have coordinated with all three school administrators to help accomplish this goal:

  •   York JH athletes: Report times are based on grade level and will be coordinated by York JH coaching staff

  • Clark Intermediate: Bussed over to York JH at sectioned time 

  • Cox intermediate: Walked over by staff to York JH 

Students will need to have a Houston Methodist consent form, physical form with medical history completed, and $25 or receipt from school cash online. Staff wont allow students to go to York JH if they are missing any of those 3 forms. A permission slip will also need to be signed by a parent/guardian in order to participate in this event. 

*YORK JH, Clark Intermediate, Cox Intermediate ONLY*

Annual GOHS Sports Medicine (1).png


We will try our hardest to get athletes in and out as quickly as possible, however, we may get backed up so please bear with us. 

*Pick up times may be effected 

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